Are You Paying Too Much in Taxes?

Do You Understand the Financial Position of Your Painting Business?


Bookkeeping Services

Online & Easy – Using Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting software, seeing the financial picture of your paint business is easy and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Budgeting & Job Costing – I will help you develop a financial path through budgeting and job costing reports to give you the information you need to meet your goals.

Insight into your business – Monthly consultation and reporting keeps you informed on how your business is performing, and provides you with data to take action.

Document Management – No more holding onto receipts. Just take a picture of the receipt with your phone, and I will organize and expense the purchase in the accounting software.

Encryption – Both Xero and Quickbooks Online use bank-level encryption to keep your data safe.

Tax Services

Tax Advisor – Monthly consultation will also include tax advise on your current situation. A tax adviser can save you thousands of dollars throughout the year through tailored tax strategies.

Tax Planning - Tax liability projection and recommendations throughout the year for enacting tax strategies to lower taxes. Don't pay more tax then you have to!

Tax Preparation– End of year tax preparation for business returns and individual returns. Tax season is no longer stressful.


Does Your Accountant "Get" the Painting Business?


I am a former painting business owner and military officer, and current bookkeeper and tax accountant. With my painting and accounting experience, I'm uniquely positioned to help painting contractors save time, money, and resources.

For years I worked in the residential and commercial painting industry. I did everything from prep work and painting to managing crews and completing estimates with clients. 

After my stint in the painting industry, I pursued an education in business and accounting and served as a military officer in the intelligence field. I have a Bachelors in Accounting, an MBA, and have the Enrolled Agent designation allowing me to represent and practice before the IRS.

During my time in the intelligence field, I learned the value of being proactive and staying ahead of the enemy. I apply this mentality to my accounting practice through forward-looking advice to my clients. I don't just report; I analyze and forecast. This provides immense value to the clients I serve and builds trust.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of taxes and business to help painting contractors grow their company. 

I only work with a select few painting contractors and provide professional, prompt service to ensure their success. 



"Daniel was able to save me a lot on taxes. He pointed out a lot of things to save on taxes that my previous accountant never mentioned."
TD Painting and Wallcovering


"Before hiring BookkeepingForPainters, our books were a mess. I was constantly trying to make sense of a whirlwind of numbers and terminology that I just didn't quite understand. I knew enough to get myself into trouble, basically. Daniel has taken us step by step and created an easy to follow and understand bookkeeping process as well as explained what is happening very well along the way. 

 I chose BookkeepingForPainters because I wanted help with my books from someone who knew and understood the painting business. While I could have chosen "any" bookkeeper, Daniel was much less expensive than hiring part-time help and specialized in my industry. It was a big WIN!

Daniel has helped me see where my money is actually going and provided a path toward success. Now that I know what jobs are profitable, I know where to put my marketing dollars and which types of jobs to get out of. As a fairly new business, it has been a huge blessing to have Daniel and Melissa help us along the way."
Rise Painting

"I like how Daniel compares my business financials to the benchmark groups. This helps me understand where I am in my business, and what direction I need to go. Before I would just check my bank account to know if I had money. Now I know what my profit margins are and the health of my business."
ABC Painting

"What I really like about what Daniel does is tracking key performance indicators. Being able to know what my marketing sources are the best, so I can adjust accordingly. Daniel also cleaned up my financial statements and chart of accounts so I can easily understand where I'm at financially, where before it was a mess."
Alliance Painting


"Daniel is the most organized and on top of his game financial person I've come across in a decade. He explained his processes to us this week in serving clients. All I can say is WOW! I owned a CPA firm for 14 years and he is light years ahead!"

-Ben Robinson, CPA and owner of Bookkeeper Business Launch