3 Tips for Busy Painting Business Owners

The peak season for the house painting industry is upon us. This time of year painting business owners must deal with the chaos of multiple on-going job sites, the barrage of estimate requests, and reams of paper receipts to track. Luckily, there are a few software solutions that can alleviate these headaches.

Use Quickbooks Online Plus

Quickbooks Online is a cloud-based solution that allows you to access your business data anytime, anywhere. Using Quickbooks Online Plus gives you the ability to do job costing and budgeting.

Job costing is critical in understanding how profitable you are on any given job. It tracks actual income and expenses versus your estimated income and expenses, giving you feedback on how accurate your estimates are and where you can improve. Additionally, Quickbooks Online Plus allows you to create budgets to ensure your business has a financial plan that can be tracked throughout the year.

So when you don’t have time to go back to your office, you can still get the insight into your business to make decisions using Quickbooks Online Plus.

In this video I review how to set-up your painting business in Quickbooks Online Plus.



Track, Schedule, and Resource Jobs with Jobber

Jobber functions as a mobile office you can download onto your tablet or phone. It helps you manage client scheduling and your crews while syncing data to and from your Quickbooks Online. Jobber makes it easy to manage your painting business’s schedule, allows you to share critical data with your foremen and painters, and reduces redundant data entry. Jobber can also generate professional looking quotes and invoices with digital signature capability, allowing you to book clients on-the-spot and keep it paperless.


Track Receipts with Hubdoc

Depending on the situation, the IRS requires businesses to keep receipts anywhere from 3 to 7 years. Not properly managing and storing your receipts can cost you big from a tax perspective. However, Hubdoc makes storing and categorizing your receipts easy.

Hubdoc is a receipt management solution that allows you to snap receipts with your camera phone, forward invoices via email, or upload directly to your Hubdoc account. Your bookkeeper can then properly code and sync with your bookkeeping software. This allows your transactions in your bookkeeping software have the applicable receipt attached directly to the transaction! Hubdoc can also ‘fetch’ documents from your vendors so, thus automating document retrieval.

If you are interested in getting more tips on bookkeeping for your painting business, check out this free report.