How To Guides

Below are a few How-To guides to get you started. If you need more information, please let me know. 

Also, if you need Quickbooks Online How-To Guide in PDF format, click here. I recommend searching this PDF by typing "Ctrl-F" and typing the subject of what you're looking for.

And finally, you can get video tutorials from Intuit here. These can be helpful if you're a visual learner.


1. How to Use Hubdoc

Hubdoc allows you to send documents via cell phone or email. Additionally, you can add an account (like a bank account or vendor) to your Hubdoc and Hubdoc will 'fetch' documents for you.

Collecting all your documents in Hubdoc allows me to attach receipts to your records to maintain audit-proof books. Additionally, having those source documents allows me to better understand the transaction so I can categorize them appropriately. Thus, Hubdoc helps you stay compliant and facilitates communication between you and me.

Download the Hubdoc App to your phone to allow you to snap photos of your receipts. In the video below, I review how to take pictures of receipts using the Hubdoc app.

You can also send documents in an email to your Hubdoc email or upload documents directly to your Hubdoc dashboard. Here's a video on how to do this.


2. Fathom Overview

During our monthly consults, I will use Fathom to track your key performance indicators in your business. Don't worry about setting anything up in Fathom. I'll take care of that for you. If you'd like to learn more about KPIs or Fathom, watch this video.


3. How to use QuickBooks Online Plus To Allow for Job Costing

In order for me to provide job costing, you'll need to use sub-customers and create estimates in QBO Plus. In the video below, I review how to do these items.


In this video I show you how to do estimates an invoicing in QBO Plus. I refer to another video on how to setup QBO Plus. Don't worry about that. Since you're my client, I'll handle setting up your QBO. This video is only if you choose to use QBO for estimates and invoicing, as opposed to a third party app (like PEP or Jobber). If you have any questions on this, please let me know.


This video shows you how to run a job cost report in Quickbooks Online.



on quickBooks online plus

This video shows you how to create an invoice on QuickBooks Online if you are NOT using QuickBooks Online to create estimates and how to receive a payment on invoices. 


5. Progress Invoicing in Quickbooks Online

Need to learn how to do invoicing for your commercial jobs? Here's a video on how-to do progress invoicing in QBO.


6. Auto-Forward Invoices from GMAIL to Hubdoc

If you receive invoices from vendors (like Sherwin-Williams or PPG) to your Gmail account, you have Gmail automatically forward those invoices to Hubdoc. To do this, you'll need to set up a forwarding address for Hubdoc and filter the messages you want to send.

Below is a video on how to set this up in Gmail:


7. How to Accept Customer Deposits

If you take customer deposits before you do a job, make sure your process does not artificially inflate your sales. Watch this video to ensure you are taking customer deposits correctly.