A dedicated team of accountants and bookkeepers that understand and work exclusively in the painting industry to help business owners run a better business.

Daniel Honan, MBA, EA


This is my story.

I am a former painting business owner and military officer, and current bookkeeper and tax accountant. With my painting and accounting experience, I'm uniquely positioned to help painting contractors save time, money, and resources.

For years I worked in the residential and commercial painting industry. I did everything from prep work and painting to managing crews and completing estimates with clients. 

After my stint in the painting industry, I pursued an education in business and accounting and served as a military officer in the intelligence field. I have a Bachelors in Accounting, an MBA, and have the Enrolled Agent designation allowing me to represent and practice before the IRS.

During my time in the intelligence field, I learned the value of being proactive and staying ahead of the enemy. I apply this mentality to my accounting practice through forward-looking advice to my clients. I don't just report; I analyze and forecast. This provides immense value to the clients I serve and builds trust.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of taxes and business to help painting contractors grow their company. 

I only work with a select few painting contractors and provide professional, prompt service to ensure their success. 

Mike Hogberg, EA


My path has been exciting and riddled with valuable variety. I have had the privilege to work and serve across the country and in diverse settings. The common thread has been my accelerating experience in growing, leading, and operating small businesses.

In high school I started a small IT services firm and turned a profit quickly. College took me on the path to a Business Administration degree with Accounting. Professionally, I have worked in accounting, aviation, logistics, law enforcement, technology firms, and construction with firm sizes ranging from micro-business to Fortune 50. In addition to my external experience, my small business ventures have included growing firms in accounting, tax, home renovation, home inspection, private investigation, and debt collection.

Along this path, I found my niche on the back side of small business. The operational aspects of getting business done are my specialty. The realm requires a diverse, experienced skill set coupled with confidence and trust. These are traits I have developed and honed along the way.

In addition to being an Enrolled Agent with unlimited rights to practice before the IRS on behalf of taxpayers, I have earned and hold certifications as an advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, a certified home inspector, an EPA lead renovator, and an instrument-rated pilot.

Today, I am excited to work directly with small business leaders on a daily basis. Many of these owners and leaders are excellent at the front side of their own business. It's a honor to partner with them and see value poured into their operational and administrative functions.




I have spent the last ten years working for big-name companies, climbing up the ladder of success in, what I found to be, a broken service industry. Five of those years I spent in a specialized service industry, developing my client account management experience: building long-term, one-on-one relationships with clients

I decided to walk away from an outdated, conventional business and become a part of a groundbreaking, forward-thinking company that is truly committed to helping our clients strengthen their business through sound financial advice.

I have always prided myself on my honesty and integrity - truly determined to do what is right for my client. With my experience working in a specialized service industry, paired with my innovative and results-driven mindset, I have the ability to tailor my expertise to a specific company’s needs and produce results. 

I am an advocate of developing efficient business practices and I am a cloud-based accounting applications enthusiast.