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Recommended Packages

The chart below outlines our recommended packages (See the add-on section for full descriptions of add-ons). Does your painting business need a bookkeeper, controller, or CFO?

A bookkeeper performs basic financial record keeping and can create simple financial reports.

A controller adds more power to your financial management.  A good controller will pay for himself in a growing company that needs more advanced systems by helping to keep costs under control and manage cash flow. 

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is in charge of the overall financial management of a company.  Planning, projecting, measuring and tracking financial and operational progress fall in the CFO’s purview.

Add-Ons Bookkeeper
Starting at $135/mo
Starting at $385/mo
Chief Financial Officer
Starting at $1,600/mo
Monthly Bookkeeping
Receipt Tracking
Financial Video Review
Unlimited Support
A/P Subcontractors
A/R Management
Job Costing
Weekly Bookkeeping
Painter Performance Payroll
CFO Scorecard Program

Pricing Structure

We charge based on the revenue of the painting business. Below are the base pricing for Core Bookkeeping.

Annual Revenue Core Bookkeeping
$0 - $100K $30/mo
$100K - $200K $75/mo
$200K - $325K $135/mo
$325K - $450K $195/mo
$450K - $600K $215/mo
$600K - $800K $335/mo
$800K - $1 M $455/mo
$1 - $1.2 M $505/mo
$1.2 - $1.5 M $625/mo
Over $1.5M Custom Quote

Core Bookkeeping Package Comes With...

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Quarterly Bookkeeping Service

Our team of dedicated bookkeepers will ensure your business financials are always accurate and up to date each quarter.


Financial Review Board

Annually our Financial Review Board meets internally to review all aspects of your business from top to bottom to determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business. You will receive a summary of what we discuss after each meeting.



We help you setup back-end automation with the use of Zapier, QBO, and PEP estimating to streamline your processes and save hours of time per month!


Communication with Staff (Limited)

Core bookkeeping package comes with 1 monthly email to our staff for financial questions and concerns.


Facebook Group

Access to our Facebook Group with fellow Painting Businesses who are interested in improving their business and sharing with other business owners.


Accounting App

This App was designed to provide every service you could ask from us. We’ve put your favorite business systems, invaluable tools and features such as calculators, mileage tracker logbooks, document scanner and valuable company info, directly from us. With all this on one App, our App will likely be your go-to tool in the future.

Add-On Services

Our add-ons are a la carte, meaning you can pick and choose which services you need for your painting business.

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Unlimited Support $100/mo

Let us roll out the red carpet support service! With this add-on you get unlimited emails and phone calls, and a monthly meeting to review your performance with an adviser.


Monthly Video Review $55/mo

Every month an adviser will send you a video review of your financial performance and compare your financials to other painting businesses of a similar size so you know exactly how you are performing!


A/P Subcontractors $Core x 1.25

Every week we’ll make sure your subcontractors are paid using an electronic system to save you time! You’ll need PEP estimating to choose this add-on.


Performance Payroll
$40/mo plus $8 per employee per payroll cycle

Let us setup and maintain a painter performance pay system for your painting businesses. This system incentives employee’s to beat budgeted hours on jobs and save you money!


Monthly Bookkeeping $45/mo

Every month our bookkeepers will ensure your business financials are always accurate and up to date each month.


Weekly Bookkeeping $195/mo

Every week our bookkeepers will ensure your business financials are accurate and up to date each week.


A/R Management $Core x 1.25

We’ll invoice your customers, receive payments, and follow-up with delinquent accounts to improve your cash flow and save you time!

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Job Costing $75/mo

Want to understand how much you are making on each job? We'll help you get setup on our job costing system and get you a monthly job cost report.


Receipt Tracking $20/mo

With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use. Hubdoc extracts key information from your receipts, invoices, and bills. No more data entry, no more filing.


Quickbooks Online Plus $30/mo

Take advantage of our discounted pricing from QuickBooks. You need this software for bookkeeping so be sure and get it at a better price than you will find anywhere online.


Tax Planning $55/mo

By far our most popular add-on offering. With this service, we will help you implement strategies that reduce your tax liability each year. Only available with Unlimited Support Add-on.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) $975/mo

We will help you setup a company scorecard and assign a CFO to meet weekly with your team to help identify-discuss-solve issues to allow your painting business to get Traction.


Personal Tax Return

We will complete your personal tax return, making tax season easy!


Corporation Setup $400

Need to file for a Corporation? We’ll file with your state, register for a new EIN and if you’d like to be an S-Corporation, we’ll take care of the forms necessary to make that election. State fees apply.


S Corp Tax Return $45/mo

As an S-Corporation, you must file an 1120S each year. Our team will prepare and e-file these for you. All returns are reviewed by a tax professional before filing.


S Corp State Tax Return $5/mo

Included with every package is one state tax return prepared and filed for you.