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Does your accountant really understand the painting business?Here's what our clients have to say:


Does your accountant really understand the painting business?

Here's what our clients have to say...

Klappenberger Painting Franchise
"Morgan Ray with BookKeeping for painters has done a terrific job keeping franchisees numbers straight which gives us more time to grow the business. I really like the once a month reviews that gives the franchiees a clear idea on not only there margins but where they compare next to other painting companies. She is smart, articulate, and makes the complex easy to understand. A real professional!"
Thomas DiNardi
TD Painting
Great Company to work with! Very informative great tax projections very technologically advanced all the recommended apps and programs have made my life as a owner of a painting business much less stressful. Highly Recommend!!!
Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing
Daniel has been doing our bookkeeping for a year now. He is awesome! His unique approach for accounting specifically for Paint Contractors is excellent. If you have a painting company then hire a bookkeeping heavyweight that will make your books audit-proof. Give Daniel a call today!
ABC Painting
I like how Daniel compares my business financials to the benchmark groups. This helps me understand where I am in my business, and what direction I need to go. Before I would just check my bank account to know if I had money. Now I know what my profit margins are and the health of my business.
Ryan Turry
Headwaters Painting
"We've been working with Bookkeeping For Painters for a few months now and couldn't be happier. Their professionalism, knowledge, and organization is exceptional. So thankful we found them to work with. Thank you to the entire team at Bookkeeping For Painters!"
Steven Naylor
After 5 years working with multiple accountants, Daniel and his team were the only people to offer my business solutions that really worked for me. You get what you pay for and you're not left feeling robbed just for talking to someone about your financials.
Daniel Tucker
Klappenberger Painting
We've been working with Bookkeeping for Painters and they have been fantastic! Having worked for a bookkeeping company previously, I was well aware of the challenges. The company has exceeded my expectations. The investment is well worth it because we have a constant pulse on the health of our business and the information we need to make smarter business decisions. Perhaps most importantly, we are able to spend our time growing the business instead of doing bookkeeping. Thanks!
Castle Complements Painting
It's great to understand where I stand financially at any point in the year instead of solely relying on my bank balance. Plus, being able to proactively react to lowering my tax liability through tax planning has saved me thousands of dollars this year.
Craftsman Painting
Daniel has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Daniel has helped me understand how to make improvements in my business during our monthly meeting which has helped me improve my gross profit and profitability significantly over the past year.
Bookkeeping Business Launch
Daniel is the most organized and on top of his game financial person I've come across in a decade. He explained his processes to us this week in serving clients. All I can say is WOW! I owned a CPA firm for 14 years and he is light years ahead!
Rise Painting
Before hiring BookkeepingForPainters, our books were a mess. I was constantly trying to make sense of a whirlwind of numbers and terminology that I just didn't quite understand. I knew enough to get myself into trouble, basically. Daniel has taken us step by step and created an easy to follow and understand the bookkeeping process as well as explained what is happening very well along the way. I chose BookkeepingForPainters because I wanted help with my books from someone who knew and understood the painting business. While I could have chosen "any" bookkeeper, Daniel was much less expensive than hiring part-time help and specialized in my industry. It was a big WIN!Daniel has helped me see where my money is actually going and provided a path toward success. Now that I know what jobs are profitable, I know where to put my marketing dollars and which types of jobs to get out of. As a fairly new business, it has been a huge blessing to have Daniel and Melissa help us along the way.
Alex Mironov
Klappenberger Painting
I own and manage a painting business. Bookkeeping For Painters makes it a lot easier and more profitable.
Lucia Painting
I could not run my business without Online Bookkeep LLC. I have received such vital direction with from Daniel and our advisor, Mike, from proper allocating of our books to tax preparation to consistent and sound advise each step as we grow our business. They have a system down! A system that is clear and easy to follow so that I spend my time estimating and contract writing. Daniel incorporates technology with various apps that work with Quickbooks Online which reduces the number of hours I used to spend on getting him what he needs. Online Bookkeep LLC has been a key component in increasing our sales and profit and as financial advisers, they understand the industry from coast to coast to help companies reach their goals. Mike has given me such patience and detail with his financial presentations each period and I love his precise clarity in his replies to my email questions. Daniel and Mike are an absolute necessity for our company and I rely on them heavily.
Rob Yarbro
Wyoming View Painting
We truly can’t express in words how unbelievably satisfied we are with the team at Online Bookkeep. They are all extremely professional, helpful, and more importantly very knowledgable in the painting industry. Our business has grown and continues to thrive thanks to the this amazing group!

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